Silver Fingerprints

The perfect way to wear your loved ones close to your heart.

This process seems to work best on children over 6 months when the print is more defined.  However all children are different! It also works on grown up loved ones, so is an ideal gift to celebrate weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. Something to treasure for years to come Don't forget gift vouchers are available.

silver fingerprint cufflinks with namessilver fingerprint beads and charmssilver double fingerprint pendantssilver double fingerprint keyring


Taking Prints: you have two options either:

1. Contact Tinytoes and Stickyfingers to make an appointment for me to take the prints for you

2. Have a kit sent to you.

The kit will come with full instructions. You will be sent some impression putty which is really simple to use with no mess. It is designed to pick up the finest detail in even the smallest of fingers. The putty is extremely soft to the touch and totally safe. Once the prints are taken, the putty hardens so that you can post it back to me in the supplied clear plastic bags and then have them recreated in silver exactly as made in the impression putty.